Conflict Resolution

Course Description 

Students are frequently and constantly in conflict with each other on varying levels. Teachers called upon to intervene. This course explores conflict resolution and the varying stages with practical advice on how it can be applied in schools.

Useful Information


Teachers (Primary – Secondary).              


English, Greek.



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€420 (Fully Funded)

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€140 per day (Fully Funded)

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Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)

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Overview of conflict and anger in young people. Factors contributing to conflict, such as stress, family environment, bullying and cultural and social norms will be explored.


In order to be able to work with the anger of the students, participants will be encouraged to work on their own anger and approaches to anger. Understanding personal approach sets the scene for being about to work with conflict.


The various types of family violence, including physical, psychological, sexual abuse and neglect, as well as school bullying will be explored. Victim profile will be explored in order to help participants comprehend impact on learning.


Participants will work through the 7 stages of conflict resolution and anger management, exploring how to encourage student ownership in the process of conflict resolution.


The participants will have the opportunity to enact scenarios and to discuss and evaluate best practice models.


Participants presentations-Course evaluation-Course portfolio.