Cost of the Training

There is NO cost for schools and organisations! The grant given from the Erasmus+ programme covers ALL the necessary costs for participants of the programme such as travelling, accommodation,daily expenses,tuition fee, etc. So there is nothing to worry about! Funding rules can be found in the Eramus+ Porgramme Guide.

The following example is indicative for a 6 day course provided in Cyprus. Minor changes can be applied depending on the country where the course will take place as per the Erasmus+ programme rules.The total cost for a member of staff to participate in a 6 day course is €420.



• Course fee: €420 (€70 per day for 6 days).
The above amount includes the participation- tuition fee for a 6 day course, notes, Memory Stick and all training materials.

• Organizational costs: €350 per participant.
The above amount covers the support provided before the participation in the course, preparation, monitoring and support of participants during mobility, administration costs, half-day excursion and VAT.

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide all organizations receive a grant of €350 per participant for organisational costs.This amount covers expenses prior to the course participants.

• Individual support: up to € 140 per day.

This amount covers daily subsistence and accommodation in Cyprus. If needed, our organisation can provide you a good value accommodation and choice of local restaurants.

• Travel support: up to €1100
This amount is calculated according to the travel distance from the place of origin to the Cyprus (the venue of the course) and return. Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission.