Sexuality Awareness

Course Description 

In Europe it is commonly held that 1 in 5 young people will have been victims of sexual abuse, while at the same time the school curriculum includes issues of relationships and sexual awareness. Teachers are required to teach young people about a subject that is both culturally and socially sensitive while being a natural part of everyday life. This course explores how to approach the subject of sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual abuse and cultural diversity.

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Target Group:

Teachers (Primary – Secondary).    





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€420 (Fully Funded)

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€140 per day (Fully Funded)

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Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)

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Introduction to sexuality awareness and an overview of the course. Participants will start by exploring creating a safe space. Often when dealing with sexual issues we need to understand and be clear about our own sexual attitude and where our right ends and the student’s right begins.


Theoretical overview of sexuality, sexual orientation and identity, including the biological , physical, and emotional perspectives and understanding the difference between working with the issues and addressing student disclosure.


It is important to be able to understand the diversity within healthy sexual experiences in order to be able to challenge some of the myths students pick up. This sessions explores healthy sexual relationships.


Identifying and Understanding Sexual Abuse. In Europe it is commonly held that 1 in 5 young people will have been victims of sexual abuse , participants will learn to identify potential victims and handling disclosure.


Participants will be encouraged to design a lesson plan and be given the opportunity to practice the lesson with peer feedback.


Presentations-Group and course evaluation-Portfolio.