Teacher Training for Children with Learning Difficulties

Course Description 

Teachers are often responsible for a classroom of children with many individual and cultural differences. At the same time, they often have to deal with several behavioral problems and learning difficulties manifested by some students. Taking advantage of the many hours of interaction with the children at school, they can play an important role in helping them manage their problems. But, they often ignore the early signs of the learning difficulties, and thus they unintentionally become a hindrance to the students’ normal development and psychological health later on in their adult life. This course will prepare you for identifying the signs of learning difficulties and will provide you with tools to diagnose and deal with such problems in class.

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Target Group:

Nursery/Primary school teachers.    





Course Fee:

€350 (Fully Funded)

Accommodation and other Expenses:

€140 per day (Fully Funded)

Travel Expenses:

Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)

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Introduction to what is learning disabilities and what are the different types. The profile of the children with learning disabilities and their psychology.
Introduction and exercises of production of sounds. You will find out how speech problems can pass into writing.


The characteristics of dyslexia: reading/ writing problems. You will learn how to distinguish learning disabilities from normal difficulties; what are the warning signs and symptoms and how we can identify them. You will discover how you can identify the severity of the reading problems by using different diagnostic tests.


Learning disabilities and bilingualism. You will learn how you can distinguish mistakes because of first language interference from learning disabilities. Phonetic awareness, grammar and syntax in first and second language.


You will extend your knowledge on diagnosing and remedying reading problems by using the neurological metronome as a method of the prevention of dyslexia.
You will be introduced in ergotherapy to use tools for remedying writing problems. Practical exercises in hypothetical scenarios.


You will discover how you can use the different tools (diagnosing tests, ergotherapy, first language interference) to deal with the diversity and the needs of your class. The course will conclude with tips for psychological support and encouragement of children.