Technology Tools for Educators

Course Description 

This course is designed to give teachers and educators an inside look and instructions surrounding the latest education technologies and innovations. This course’s aims will be to explore the best practices of using technology in the classroom, and discuss ways to increase student achievement by utilizing different freely available applications. We will be creating a digital notebook to enhance our productivity and classroom organisation. Give tips on designing better assignments and friendly worksheets students. Dive into various social networks which can help classroom management and collaboration between students and teachers, learn how to create quickly a classroom website, help manage classroom assignments, grading and much more.

Topics include:

obullet Social Media Tools (, Classroom dojo, Schoology)

obullet Creating a student-friendly worksheets

obullet Creating notes (Evernote)

obullet Collaboration (Dropbox)

obullet Using Google Classroom tools

obullet Creating a quick class website

obullet Creating interactive video lessons

Useful Information

Target Group:

Teachers (Primary – Secondary)   


English, Greek.


Cyprus, Greece, Germany, UK.

Course Fee:

€420 (Fully Funded)

Accommodation and other Expenses:

€140 per day (Fully Funded)

Travel Expenses:

Up to €1100 (Fully Funded)

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Discover the learning management systems which swept the teaching experience globally! Edmodo and Schoology, two powerful tools in the hands of teachers! Create a digital environment where teachers and students can collaborate and create online classes. Add resources for students to access and assignments.

We will also utilize a classroom management system that has drastically changed classrooms everywhere it was used – Classroom Dojo! Learn the tools to instantly reinforce good behavior, increase student engagement, communicate with parents and collaborate with colleagues.


Learn to create better worksheets for students. Make worksheets consistent and build a format to make things easier to read for the student, offer clear instructions with arrows and shapes with the use of Word.

Find out a new way to organize the teacher’s desk taking out the countless paperwork with the Evernote organizing tool.


Learn to use Dropbox online file storage system to create collaborative planning and sharing of documents among students and colleagues.

Explore Google’s new Learning Management System, Google Classroom for creating and managing your own classes.


Create interactive video lessons from a variety of sources and add your own audio notes and even quiz questions directly into the video.


Quickly build a classroom website where we can create an online interactive experience in order to share information and assignments enhancing student/teacher collaboration and increasing student productivity.


Workshops – Presentations – Portfolio – Evaluation.